Israeli Occupation Targets Gaza Strip, Again

Night confusion units vow to continue their activities as “Israel” targets Gaza with fresh airstrikes,

  • An Israeli airstrike on Gaza Strip
    An Israeli airstrike on Gaza Strip

Al Mayadeen correspondent reported that the Israeli occupation targeted the Gaza Strip with airstrikes.

A number of strikes were nullified as the Palestinian resistance launched ground-based counter-air defenses at the occupation warplanes in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation warplanes additionally dropped dozens of dangerous and poisonous bags with a foul smell along the Gaza border.

Coincidingly, Palestinians confirmed that they will continue their popular night confusion activities until the Israeli occupation ends its violations against Al-Quds (Occupied Jerusalem) and the Palestinian people, and breaks the siege on Gaza.

The blockade has devastated Gaza’s ailing economy and fuelled an unemployment rate that hovers at nearly 50 percent.

Furthermore, the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza on Saturday night reported 11 Palestinians wounded during confrontations with Israeli occupation forces. According to the ministry, three of those wounded were hit by live ammunition and are in moderate condition. The other eight were reported lightly hurt from rubber bullets or shock grenades.

The Israeli occupation forces, which had beefed up forces ahead of the activities, used tear gas and live ammunition to attack Palestinians.

The night confusion units vowed to resume their activities for the whole week.

Night confusion units asserted that "Israel’s crippling blockade on Gaza pushes us to make the lives of the Israeli settlers a living hell, and the settlement an uninhabitable area."

"Our demands are clear."

Night confusion units also warned that "any targeting of rebellious youth will cost an uncalculated price."

What is night confusion?

As night falls, hundreds of young Palestinian men begin organizing various activities which last until dawn. 

The aim is simple. To confront Israeli settlers who established settlements on Palestinian land and confuse Israeli occupation forces.

Night confusion units were inspired by the “night confusion” activities during the return marches that erupted in March 2018 in the Gaza Strip near the barbed wire barrier with “Israel”. 

Omar Abu al-Nil: Yet another Palestinian Child Martyr...

  • Omar Hassan Abu al-Nil, the child martyr, embraced by his family one last time
    Omar Hassan Abu al-Nil, the child martyr, embraced by his family one last time

On Saturday, 12-year-old Palestinian child Omar Hassan Abu al-Nil died after succumbing to injuries he sustained at the Gaza Strip border last week.

Abu al-Nil, a child resident of al-Tuffah neighborhood east of Gaza City, was critically wounded after being shot by an Israeli sniper in the al-Ras area during his participation in a march against the Israeli siege on Gaza.

The child's martyrdom comes only days after the occupation fired live bullets and tear gas canisters at Palestinian protestors peacefully chanting "Seif al-Quds will not be sheathed."

Abu al-Nil is another victim of not only Israeli crimes, but the International Community’s deafening silence on the endless illegal trespasses the Zionist apartheid “state” has been committing since its colonial formation in 1948.