Israeli Official: "Israel" Won't Move to Stop Fuel Shipments

After dozens of tankers carrying Iranian fuel arrived on Lebanese soil on Thursday , an Israeli military official says "Israel" does not intend on stopping the shipments.

  • Dozens of trucks filled with Iranian fuel arrived on Lebanese soil yesterday
    Dozens of trucks filled with Iranian fuel arrived on Lebanese soil yesterday

An Israeli military official said "Israel" "won't move" to stop Iranian shipments of fuel to Lebanon, according to "The Times of Israel."

Former Israeli Vice Admiral Eli Shavit told the Associated Press that in light of the economic disarray Lebanon is going through, "Israel" has "no interest" in stopping fuel deliveries meant for civilian use.

A report by Israeli "Channel 12" also mentioned that "Israel" has launched hundreds of airstrikes in Syria to prevent "Hezbollah from receiving weapons shipments," but officials are expressing worries that the targeting of fuel shipments will be seen as causing needless damage.

Dozens of trucks loaded with diesel arrived on Lebanese soil today, passing through Syria, in light of Hezbollah seeking to alleviate Lebanon's severe fuel crisis.

Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, announced last Monday the arrival of the first fuel-laden ship to Syria's Baniyas Port on Sunday, and that it has completed unloading.

Sayyed Nasrallah noted that this ship is a diesel tanker, adding that in a few days, another ship would arrive in Baniyas. All the necessary arrangements have been made for the third tanker, which will transport gasoline from Iran, he revealed.

A fourth diesel tanker is set to arrive in Lebanon before winter to alleviate people's suffering due to the harsh weather conditions, he announced. These tankers will be decided upon based on the current government's path and field statistics.