Lebanese Government Approves Policy Statement in Support of Resistance

Al Mayadeen correspondent reports that the Lebanese government has approved a policy statement, which highlights the right to resist and liberate occupied territories.

  • Lebanese Government Approves Ministerial Statement of Right to Resist
    The Lebanese government approves policy statement in support of the resistance

Al Mayadeen in Beirut reported that the Lebanese government has approved the policy statement which included a right to resist and liberate the occupied Lebanese territories from "Israel."

After the session, Minister of Information George Kordahi issued a statement confirming the unanimous acceptance of the ministerial statement with some minor modifications.

Kurdahi pointed out that the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, stressed the need to expedite finding solutions to people's living conditions and treat this issue with utmost priority. 

The Minister denied claims about differences in drafting the ministerial statement, stressing positivity and cooperation.

Concerning Lebanon's ongoing gasoline crisis, the Minister of Information emphasized that the topic of lifting fuel subsidies was not discussed during the session.

Regarding the entry of Iranian fuel into Lebanon, Kurdahi divulged this was not discussed during the meeting.

The policy statement also called for the restart of discussions with the International Monetary Fund to provide financial assistance to Lebanon, as well as the reorganization of the banking system.

Three days ago, the Lebanese government held its first meeting after announcing its formation last week.

During the meeting, Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati pledged to work on solving the fuel, electricity, and medicine crisis in a way that stops the "humiliation of people."