Lebanese Minister of Interior: 6 Martyrs From One Side Indicate Serious Matters

Following the tense security events in Tayouneh, Lebanon's Minister of Interior announces that all local security forces are putting efforts to arrest perpetrators.

  • Mawlawi considered the fall of 6 martyrs from one side indicates a serious matter.
    Mawlawi considered the one-sided martyrdom of 6 civilians indicates a serious matter.

Lebanon's Minister of Interior Bassam Mawlawi affirmed, after an exceptional meeting of the Central Security Council, that "Civil peace between the Lebanese is not to be tampered with.”

Mawlawi stressed the necessity of taking all measures to restore security and asked the media to help broadcast accurate news.

He emphasized that shooting and sniping are unacceptable, and considered the one-sided martyrdom of 6 civilians indicates a serious matter, mentioning that the organizers of the protest assured that it was peaceful.

The minister explained that all security forces are putting efforts to arrest perpetrators in accordance with the law.

Prior to the meeting held by Mawlawi, Lebanese President General Michel Aoun held talks with the Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati and several other officials to follow up on the security developments amid the events that took place in Tayouneh and its suburbs.

Al Mayadeen's correspondent in Lebanon reported that 6 peaceful protesters were killed and 60 were wounded after being shot by snipers in the Tayouneh area of ​​Beirut, confirming that the Lebanese Commando Regiment fortified its deployment in Tayouneh to contain the situation.

Commenting on the events in Tayouneh, the Lebanese Army issued a statement saying that protesters were exposed to bursts of fire while heading to Adlieh in Beirut and that the army rushed to cordon off the area, dispersing its soldiers throughout the neighborhoods and entrances. 

It also confirmed that its units will shoot at any armed person on the roads and at anyone who shoots.