Lebanon: Shooting Attack on a Peaceful Demonstration in Tayouneh

The ambush claimed the lives of multiple peaceful demonstrators and the army has cordoned off the area.

  • Lebanese army barricading the Tayouneh - Ayn elRemmeneh area
    Lebanese army barricading the Tayouneh - Ayn elRemmeneh area

AlMayadeen correspondent in Lebanon reported that 6 peaceful protesters were killed and 60 wounded after being shot by snipers in the Tayouneh area of ​​Beirut.

In response, the Commandos Regiment of the Lebanese Army had reinforced its deployment in the Tayouneh area to contain the situation.

Our correspondent also confirmed that the army arrested a sniper attacking the demonstrators from one of the surrounding buildings.

The director of the AlMayadeen office in Beirut indicated that at least 4 gunmen were shooting from a building in Tayouneh, where they holed up. She added that the army is trying to arrest a number of suspects.

The events unfolded as demonstrators flocked to the Justice Palace in Beirut to protest the measures taken by judge Tariq Bitar, in tandem with a sit-in organized by lawyers inside the Judicial Council.

Bitar, the judicial investigator into the Beirut Port Blast, was accused of partiality by multiple parties.

Citizens were surprised by the armed ambush as fire suddenly broke out from a building.

Commenting on the events in Tayouneh, the Lebanese army issued a statement in which it stated that protesters were exposed to bursts of fire while heading to the Palace’s area in Beirut, and that the army rushed to cordon off the Tayouneh area in Beirut and spread in its neighborhoods and at its entrances.

The army confirmed that its units will shoot at any armed person on the streets.