Italy Wins EURO 2020

Italy wins EURO 2020 by winning the penalty shoot-out against England.

  • Italy Wins EURO 2020
    EURO 2020 is Italy's second EURO title.

Italy has been crowned the EURO 2020 champion after it won 3-2 against England during the penalty shoot-out, which was held following a 1-1 draw in the regulation playing time and extra time.

The English team wasted no time in the first half of the game. At only two minutes in, Luke Shaw scored the first goal with an assist from Kieran Trippier, making it the fastest goal in the history of the UEFA EURO finals.

The goal had a pronounced effect on the Italians, who had trouble reaching Jordan Pickford's goal box in light of the great defense coming from England.

The Italians waited until 30' to create their first chance through Federico Chiesa's skill, who started from the middle of the field and then made a shot that came close to the goal.

The result did not change for the remainder of the first half, which ended with a 1-0 for England.

The second half's scenario was similar to that of the first one; Italy waited until 60' to stir up a dangerous play for the English through Chiesa again. However, that shot was blocked by Pickford.

At 67', the Italian team achieved a draw after a corner kick, where Marco Verratti struck the ball with his head to Pickford, which hit the right post and rebounded to Leonardo Bonucci, who was able to score.

This goal had a magical effect on the Italian team, who almost went ahead at 74' with a shot by Domenico Berardi against Pickford - but he overshot the goal.

The result remained the same for the remainder of the match, so it was extended. During the extra time, the result did not change. For Italy, to win 3-2 during the penalty shoot-out after Gianluigi Donnarumma saved two shots, winning Italy UEFA's EURO for the second time in history and the first time since 1968, contrasted a great disappointment for the English in Wembley Stadium.