US Secretary of Defense Reveals New Plans

During a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, the US Secretary of Defense states that his department will review the positioning of its forces in the world.

  • US Secretary of Defense announces reorganizing troops overseas.
    US Secretary of Defense announces reorganizing troops overseas.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated that "the defense budget will include strategies to confront Russia, especially the cyber attacks that are launched from it," and also added that "China represents the most important challenges facing the United States," referring to his country's efforts to strengthen deterrence against it and accelerate the development of its capabilities.

The words of the American minister came during a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee on the defense budget, which took place in the presence of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley.

Austin continued, saying that his ministry's goals in the coming period are working to "confront the threats posed by Iran and terrorist organizations."

He indicated his determination to "maintain constructive relations with Afghanistan by continuing to support Afghan forces, and we have the authority to focus on a range of threats represented by Al-Qaeda."

He explained that they are working on a plan to deploy their forces in countries surrounding Afghanistan to shorten the air route, but there is no timetable for agreements with those countries and that most of the flights at the moment are from platforms in the Gulf countries.

Austin reported his ministry's review of the entire US position in the world.

Mike Levy's intervention intersected with what Austin said, as he made it clear that "we have to make sure to maintain our edge to be ready to face China, they are increasing their military capacity at a very dangerous and sustainable rate, and we have to make sure to outpace them.”

"I'm concerned about something that could happen that could spark a crisis and I think we need the ability to be able to talk with both our allies and partners but also our adversaries or potential adversaries," Austin told lawmakers during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

He warned that the combined budget of China and Russia exceeds the US budget and that there is enormous support for the Chinese military establishment.

Austin stressed that "we will work to spend the budget in a manner that serves the American people, and provide strength and achieve superiority and readiness," he concluded saying, "We are making every effort to win wars and to protect the Constitution."

Cybersecurity has been always been a priority for US President Joe Biden since he took office, and it will be the subject of upcoming discussions during their bilateral summit in Geneva on June 16, he said.

As for Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a press interview before the upcoming summit, he said that NATO put its geopolitical interests above the interests of other countries when it decided to expand.

Here, Putin refers to what US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that "Ukraine has all the necessary tools to move along the path that will lead it to join NATO."