Syrian Army Brings in Reinforcements to Restore Order to Deraa al-Balad

The Syrian Army has brought in new military reinforcements to drive militants out of Deraa al-Balad and Tareeq al-Sadd and restore order.

  • Field reports: Terror organizations in Deraa are purposely sabotaging settlement efforts
    Field reports: Terrorist organizations in Deraa are purposely sabotaging settlement efforts

The Syrian Army has today brought in reinforcements, today, Friday, to Deraa al-Balad and Tareeq al-Sadd, in order to drive out militants refusing settlement efforts and to force them to surrender all their weapons, in an attempt to strengthen stability in the province to the south of Syria.

Syria's official news agency, SANA, reported from field sources that "the terrorist organizations in Deraa al-Balad are purposely sabotaging settlement efforts, refusing to give up their arms and exploiting settlement efforts. The aim is to have their remaining fighters launch attacks in some areas of the province on civilians and military checkpoints and reach the underground arms caches where their heavy arms are stored, which they had surrendered to the Army during the previous stage."

The sources added that "the terrorist groups' stubbornness is derived from the statements made by some Western countries in support of terrorism and the Israeli enemy, which is still continuing its attacks on Syria in an attempt to bolster the morale of the terrorists."

They also noted that "this will not dissuade the Army from bringing stability back to Deraa Province, some of whose neighborhoods and villages have become focal points for the spread of terrorists and outlaws."

The Syrian Army's military reinforcements come in the aftermath of nearly a month of settlement efforts aimed at ending the control of terrorist factions on civilian lives in Deraa al-Balad, according to SANA.

In late July, the militants violated an agreement between their forces and Deraa al-Balad dignitaries, which stated that militants were to surrender their light and medium weapons, that Syrian Army checkpoints would be established inside the city's neighborhoods, and that a path towards the city center would be opened.